Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It is back to school time...the end of August...the feeling of a late Sunday evening.  You're relaxed, more well rested than usual...but your mind cannot stop running through a litany of to-do lists.  Much like the kids the flurry of emotions from excitement and nervousness return (even many, many years into this!!).  This year's back to school routine has been more challenging with moving to a new classroom.  Everything was moved in June....but coming back to blank walls was a bit daunting (and exciting!).  Change is hard, but good.  I love my new room's soft blue walls and central location.  My classroom is bright, and after many, many days it's pretty much ready to go!!
It looks better than this today....more things filed away;)....though the walls now have two lovely (large) ceiling to floor drop lines.  Ah well.....progress.  I am eagerly awaiting my new students!!!!!!
I know I'll have lots of great stories to tell this year...as we got a new puppy this month!  She is ridiculously sweet and lots of laughs!!! 
Leaving this little face (though slightly larger this week) will pull on the heartstrings for sure!! 

Wishing everyone a great back to school!!!

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