Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where does the time go??  I had a fabulous day with my first graders!!  Though the skies were REALLY ominous on my drive in to work this morning, the sun surprised us all and allowed us some wonderful outdoor time at our local nature facility that we visited for a field trip today.   It was bittersweet for me knowing this was our final field trip of the year....but watching them learn how to use binoculars was priceless!!  They were SO excited to watch for birds and to listen for birds to "talk" back to us after using an Identi-flier.  This group of kiddos gets along so well that I was smiling and beaming with pride the whole time.

Wishing ALL of my teacher friends out there a very HAPPY Teacher Appreciation Week!!!  I know I emailed teachers (in my home district) this week to let them know how much their time, effort, and energy is appreciated.  I was beaming when my eldest told me mid week that she had made cards for her teachers before school and handed them out for this know you come from a family of educators when....... ;)!!!!  So proud!!!

So many emotions at this time of the year, and so much to do!!!  Hoping that everyone has a wonderful weekend and is able to enjoy a little balance (and family time for Mother's Day!!).  Lots of hugs and wishes for a great Friday!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013 dear Miss Danielson

Well, double checking my address here to embed it correctly in my Domain 4.  I'd love to meet Charlotte Danielson.  Truly.  LOL, anyways.......the weather here this weekend was absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!  It was wonderful to get out with the kids, play outside, and read in the sun!!!  I know that at this time of the year it always feels like we're racing the clock.   So....even while we're running to take care of the myriads of details, I'm going to do my best to savor and enjoy every moment with my fabulous firsties!!!!   Wishing everyone a fantastic week!!!!!!