Friday, August 23, 2013

In a world that all too often goes all too fast and has a tendency to veer towards being less personal, I have GOT to share how very impressed I am with!!!!  I ventured (albeit cautiously) into using this last year to test the waters and see what I one was more surprised than me with how much I loved it!!  It's easy to use and very flexible to your needs.  That is GREAT as we know anything that helps with efficiency these days is golden ;)!!  However....what really sealed the deal for me this week was their customer service.  With switching my account to a different email things got a little sticky for a second, and (being the perpetual worrier) I was terrified I would lose everything!!  Mind you (being also the type A) it was saved on my computer.....but somehow I was SURE I needed things merged/saved just "so" to make sure I got off to a smooth start.  So....I emailed the support group assuming that maybe within the week things would be taken care of.  WOW.  Things were nearly immediately addressed with a very personal (non form letter) response explaining exactly what they did.  As I looked into my new merged accounts I noted one tiny snafu....emailed back, and again immediately taken care of with a thorough explanation.  I could NOT be more impressed with their genuine attentiveness and quick response.  SO SO happy!!!!

That being's about that time here.  Starting to get the classroom ready, spending lots of time cutting out lamination and planning.

Hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and is looking forward to another great school year!!!

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