Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a whirlwind!!!  Report cards are done, literacy data is in, now to enjoy my fabulous firsties!!!  So much has changed this year (understatement of the century I know)...and I have been he** bent on keeping a balance between the demands and what I believe as a mom and teacher is developmentally appropriate for my students.  All in all, I can honestly say from where I stand today that I am happy with how things are going so far.  To be honest, it *is* one of those years where my class is an absolute gift.  They truly make me laugh and smile every day.  They are genuine, sweet, thoughtful and hard working.  They are really great kids.....I so wish I was looping this year!!!!!  What we have been doing for literacy centers and aiming to go more thematic with my instruction has not only motivated and engaged me.....they come in happy and engaged as well.  Priceless.  Tomorrow....dental visits (always fun!) to tie in/finish up our unit on health/wellness AND making paper mache easter baskets.  Thank goodness I have a great group of moms and dads willing to come in and help as this is one VERY hands on project;)!!!  My hands will be a total wreck tomorrow after all that time immersed in flour....but it's worth it.  LOVE my sweet hubby for blowing up 20+ balloons (a BIG no no for me with corn and latex sensitivity/intolerance).

I'm interested in reaching late June....not because I'm rushing the year.  Goodness knows I am not ready to say goodbye to this class, but because I am anxious to see how all of this "stuff" this year pans out.  Change is never easy, and certainly not always welcome......but it will be interesting once we've got the first full year behind us of APPR, CCLS, SLO's, etc. to see where we are.

For tonight though, I'm smiling looking forward to a fun day tomorrow with my students.  For tonight I am thankful for having a great year thus far.  Next on the agenda:  sight word sentence game for centers tomorrow, check long e sort, and then go to sleep ;)!!!!

Good night and wishing everyone a super fun and rewarding rest of the week!!!!!!!


  1. I am your newest follower! HI! Kathy sent me! Stop by and say hi! wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com

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  3. Hi Julia! I just found your cute blog! I have an item that I donated for her giveaway fun too!I am a new follower. I taught first grade for years and am back in second grade now. I feel the same as you about all of the changes this year and my darling class. I think next year will be more relaxed. This was a year for searching out new resources and sharing ideas. I'm glad I found you! Typo above deleted! :)

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  4. Kathy sent me n now I follow you! I will have to come back next week when I'm on break n have a little time :) so glad I found you!