Monday, January 21, 2013

It's up!!  For anyone looking for some new ideas to add to your Groundhog's Day activities please check out my store at !!  This file contains 18 pages of fun ideas to enhance your Groundhog Day activities. Pages include:
-a Web for describing/charting what they know about Groundhogs
-Prediction writing
-class prediction tally chart (recording sheet)
-pieces to create a class graph
-spinner (shadow/no shadow) and coordinating recording sheet for centers
-Question/Answer/Support on your favorite season
-telling time to hour and half hour
-Fill in missing numbers on 100 chart
-Frames and arrows (up and back by 2's and 5's)
-board game with -ou and -ay words
-100 chart work/suggestions
-adding on/subtracting by 10's (using 100 chart if needed)

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